A Questionnaire for Burnaby Candidates in the Provincial Election 2009

Questionnaire for Provincial Candidates


The Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness leads local initiatives to END homelessness in Burnaby.

The Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness has compiled this questionnaire for distribution to all candidates seeking to represent Burnaby in the legislature.

The results from this questionnaire will be posted on the task force website www.burnabyhomelesstaskforce.org. Thank you for your consideration regarding this important issue.

We look forward to your response.

Any questions contact Wanda Mulholland at info@burnabyhomelesstaskforce.org

Please respond by email by April 15th, 2009.


Background Information


The United Nations recently declared housing and homelessness in Canada a national emergency.


The 2008 Homeless Count reports the number of people in Burnaby who are dealing with homelessness to have risen by 110% in three years.


The number of people utilizing the services at the Outreach Resource Centre and Extreme Weather Shelter has more than doubled in

the past year.


A growing number of people without housing in Burnaby are employed and unable to make enough income to pay the high cost of rent.


The Fall 2007 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Rental Market Reports

a reduction of rental vacancy rate in Burnaby from .08% on October 2006 to .05% in October 2007 and .05% in October 2008.


Burnaby is one of a very few municipalities

in the Lower Mainland which does not have a shelter for people, especially males who are dealing with homelessness.


The Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness believes that Lookout Emergency Aid Society and Progressive Housing Society, the two non profit agencies proposing to operate supported short term and transitional housing, have the demonstrated expertise for this proposal.


In light of these facts please answer the following questions:


1) If elected to the provincial government what will you do to ensure that short term/transitional housing is opened in Burnaby specifically for people who are dealing with homelessness?


2) If elected what resources will you commit to Burnaby to address the growing number of citizens who are dealing with homelessness?


3) If elected what will you do to increase the supply of affordable housing in Burnaby for low income people?


4) If elected what will you do to increase the supply of supported housing in Burnaby?


5) What is your partys position on addressing homelessness?










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