Extreme Weather Shelter Season In Review

During the 2008-2009 Winter Season the Burnaby Extreme Weather Shelter was located once again at St. Francis De Sales Church 6610 Balmoral Burnaby.

The Extreme Weather Shelter operated quietly and efficiently within this Burnaby neighborhood without in any way infringing on the health or safety of that neighborhood.

 The Shelter provided a crucial service to those in need during a very long and cold winter season.

The Extreme Weather Shleter was open for 47 nights.

There were 1173 bed nights utilized.

976 of the beds were utilized by men (83%)

197 of the be

ds were utilized by women (17%)

The Extreme Weather Shleter utilized volunteers to run the shelter successfully along with the paid staff from Lookout Emergency Aid Society.

The Extreme Weather Shelter received assistance from 279 volunteers. who donated 735.5 hours towards assisting those less fortunate.

The tireless work of Volunteer Coordinators Rose Hare and Peggy Hare is greatly appreciated.

Special appreciation also goes to Keefer Lauindry who provided laundry services for all of the bedding from the Extreme Weather Shelter during the 2008-2009 Winter Season.

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