Central Park Notice

On June 21 and June 22, 2010 the RCMP and the City of Burnaby will be in Central Park dismantling Self- Made Shelters and Camps.  They will be asking the people who currently live at the Park to move on.

 Progressive Housing Society’s Homeless Outreach Workers will be at Central Park (at the Fountain corner of Pattison and Kingsway) on June 21 and June 22 from 9am – 1pm to assist those people being asked to move.

 If you are or you know someone who is dealing with homelessness and who lives in the

park, please send them our way.

We will be offering:

Support services for finding alternative and long term housing

Connection to income assistance

Referrals to appropriate community organizations

Immediate hot beverages, food and clothing 

 Please help end homelessness and spread the word

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