Volunteers and Donations Needed for Extreme Weather Shelter

The recent cold weather has resulted in the opening of the Extreme Weather Shelter in Burnaby.

The Extreme Weather Shelter is opened on a weather dependent basis between October and April when the weather is deemed too unsafe for people to be outside.

The Extreme Weather Shelter is located at 7540 6th St Burnaby.

Hours of operation are: 7:00 pm until 7:00 am

Although this is a staffed resource, volunteers are needed to assist with the efficient operations of the shelter.

 In the early evening volunteers are needed to:

“set up” the

extreme weather shelter, ie: mats and bedding,  prepare and serve food

 At 6:00am volunteers are needed to: 

assist with the “clean up” of the extreme weather shelter and transportation of bedding to the laundry

If you can volunteer time within the Extreme Weather Shelter, please call Kevan Oxley @ 604-433-4829 and\or Sherrill Gullickson @ 604.523-9126 ext. 104

Donations of towels, socks, underwear and food are greatly needed.

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