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Additional Response From Federal Conservative Candidate Paul Forseth Burnaby New Westminster

Paul Forseth Conservative Candidate. I answer all three task force questions with a single response. The other Candidates have made well-intentioned sentiments, but I am the only one if elected, capable to act beyond the speeches. The community needs me

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Federal Candidates Respond To The Task Force Questionnaire

On March 31st the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness sent three questions to all major party Federal candidates for Burnaby Douglas and Burnaby New Westminster. academic help Unfortunately the Task Force has received only four responses to these important quest

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Dear Burnaby Citizens

March 30, 2011  Dear Burnaby Citizens:  The Social Sustainability Strategy Draft Report to City Council is a professional and well written document. It is the result of diligent City Planners who have facilitated an extremely complex process utilizing a Steering

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