Extreme Weather Response


Burnaby Extreme Weather Response Committee



Help homeless people keep warm when winter weather puts them at high health risk.


Extreme Weather Alerts

: small;”>are called when

Its O degrees C or colder

There is significant snow accumulation

Lives or health of homeless individuals are at extreme risk due to severe weather conditions


Whenever needed, volunteers are called to work with experienced staff and help with:

Preparing and serving supper and early morning meal

Setting up and taking down sheltering areas

Offering overnight supervision and support

Training and support provided for all volunteers.


You can help

Resister by contacting

Kevan Oxley at 604-515-2728


Why volunteer?

Does it really make a difference?

By volunteering at the Burnaby Emergency Shelter, you help a network of agencies and individuals help local homeless people survive the coldest and most miserable winter nights.

A mat in a warm, safe place, some dinner and a few friendly faces offer hope to people who have little. Something as simple as playing a game of cards or listening to the stories told by guests can bring joy. Gentle compassion, literally “walking with and for others” is evident in laughter — and sometimes tears — shared with each other. It is not an understatement to say that sometimes we really do save lives!

Two years ago at the Burnaby EWR Shelter, we took an unwell guest to hospital and we were there with him when he received a diagnosis of cancer — which meant that he could begin treatments. Another night one guest experienced a horrific asthma attack. When the paramedics arrived, we were told that she would never have survived if that attack had happened on the street. That REALLY made a difference!

Burnaby Extreme Weather Response Committee



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