Outreach Christmas 2011

Outreach Christmas 2011

This special event hosted by Progressive Housing Society was held at Southside Community Church on Thursday Dec 15th, 2011. Outreach Christmas provided a fun filled and festive celebration for ma

ny people who deal with homelessness and extreme poverty and may not normally celebrate the Holiday Season.

Approximately 269 people were in attendance at Outreach Christmas 2011. 197 people were assisted by the 7 staff of Progressive Housing Society, 55 volunteers from Starbucks, Charlford House and the community and 10 dignitaries.

In keeping with tradition there was a pancake breakfast, Tim Horton’s Community Cruiser, pastries, hockey tournament, learning table, kids table, clothing tables, guessing game, turkey lunch, Santa arrived with presents for all and photo opportunities and bingo in the afternoon. Additions for this event were a scrapbooking corner, Christmas trivia contest and additional games in the floored room.

Thank you for making Outreach Christmas a memorable and welcoming celebration of a caring community in Burnaby.

ABC Recycling

Gary Begin

BC Nurses Union

Bosa Properties

Burnaby Edmonds Lions Club

Burnaby Lougheed Lions Club

Burnaby RCMP

Inspector Michael Labossiere

Corp Stephane Hamel

Staff Sgt Major John Buis

Byrne Creek Secondary School Youth Justice Club

Cariboo Hill

Secondary School Youth Action Committee

Charlford House

City Core Catering

Councillor Paul McDonell

CUPE Local 379

Ethical Bean Coffee

Kingsway Imperial Neighborhood Association

MLA Kathy Corrigan


Raj Chouhan

MLA Richard Lee

New Life Home School Association

Simon Fraser University Security

Snowcap Enterprizes

Southside Community Church

St Thomas Moore Collegiate

Starbucks Coffee Canada

Tim Horton’s Community Cruiser

Tommy Douglas Library

12th Avenue Elementary School


Individual Donors

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