Burnaby Task Force Hires Community Development Coordinator

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Friday, February 24, 2012


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                        Burnaby Task Force Hires Community Development Coordinator


BURNABY: After seven years of addressing homelessness and raising the awareness of this important issue in Burnaby, the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness has received funding to further their work.


In March 2011, the Task Force contracted with Burnaby Community Connections to serve as Host Agency and administer Task Force funds. In August 2011 the Task Force received a Vancity grant to hire a temporary Event Coordinator for the 2011 Homelessness Action Week.


In December 2011, the Task Force received a grant from the Vancouver Foundation enabling them to hire a temporary part-time Community Development Coordinator who will assist the organization with their work to build public awareness and support for solutions to homelessness in Burnaby. The Task Force will continue to pursue additional funding to solidify and further the stability of the Coordinator position.

The Task Force is pleased to welcome Wanda Mulholland to the position of Community Development Coordinator.   Wanda Mulholland is a founding member of the Task Force who has volunteered tirelessly for seven years to assist Burnaby citizens in need. In 2007 Wanda Mulholland was awarded the Burnaby Local Hero Award for her work on homelessness in Burnaby.


“I look forward to seeing the ways in which this position will increase the capacity of the Task Force to advocate for adequate housing and services for Burnaby citizens who are living in homelessness and extreme poverty” said Mulholland. 


 “I absolutely believe that by continuing to work together with government, business, social service professionals, faith communities and concerned citizens that we can ensure our Burnaby neighbours receive the housing and services essential for a better life.” said Mulholland


For more information about the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness, please visit the website at www.burnabyhomelesstaskforce.org.

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