A Positive Change

There is a change occurring in Burnaby, a quiet, positive change which is moving one person at a time. It is a change which is taking homeless people off the street and finding them a place to live, treating them with a kindness and respect and connecting them with a community in Burnaby which shows they care and can offer food, clothing and the beginning of a re-entry back into society.

The people, some, no longer homeless now, are beginning to feel better about themselves and their lives. They appreciate the kindness shown to them, and want to give back, to give of their time, their limited money, their own kindness. They give back by volunteering at the Outreach Resource Centre at Southside Community Church on Thursday mornings. This change is building a positive and caring community, right here in Burnaby.

The Outreach Resource Centre operates on donations. If you wish to give please contact Progressive Housing at 604-522-9669 ext 317. Donated clothing can be dropped off at Progressive Housing 7836 6th Street or the New Southeast District Community Police Office 7191 Arcola Way 604-656-3275 behind Highgate. At this time there is a need for mens shoes and pants, fare saver bus passes and toiletries.

A message from the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness

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